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Bicycle Accident

You would be surprised by how many bicycle riders are injured every year due to other motor vehicles on the road. A survey suggests that bicycle riders are at a higher risk of being fatally hurt in a collision with vehicles. This is mostly because, unlike other motor vehicles, they do not have metal frame protection. Hence, if you have been involved in any such accidents, our bicycle accident attorney can help you compensate for the damage.

When on the road, it gets easy to be distracted from the traffic and cell phones for the motorist. Sometimes, they fail to notice bicycle riders on the road. In such a situation, accidents tend to happen with some severe damage caused to the bicycle and the person riding it. When such incidents occur due to the driver’s negligence, it is not unusual for the insurance company to blame the bicycle riders for the cause of the accident to dispute the liability of the driver.

In such cases, our skilled lawyers help you defend your position. To successfully recover the damage done, we can legally assist you in filing a civil personal injury lawsuit. This warrants a reasonable settlement by the insurance company as well as the motorist. We also fight for your rights and do not let you fall into the trap of injustice. We carefully analyze all the rules and regulations associated with motorists on the road to file a strong case that compensates for your loss.

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