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At the Law Office of Chukwudi Egbuonu, we represent a wide range of employment related cases in Houston and the surrounding areas. When you take a new job or position at your company, you may have been given a contract which lays out the terms of your employment. If your employer has failed to stick to these terms or broken your contract, you should consider filing a lawsuit against your employer. You may be able to sue for any damages which have arisen as a result of the alleged breach.

There are a number of different reasons why you may sue your employer in regards to your contract, including if they have failed to pay you, have wrongfully fired you, or is failing to promote you as promised. Although every situation is unique, there are specific employment laws in place which are intended to protect you and your rights. With our knowledge of the law, we can put together a case which is full of evidence supporting your claim.

There are three main types of employment contracts which we represent:

  • Written
  • Implied
  • Oral

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