Business Litigation

One of the basic aspects of business is the contracts you enter and function by every day. You have various activities and deals that are crucial for your growing business. Our law firm offers services for all your business needs. We have experts who provide prudent business consultation services and help you plan your legitimate business free from legal troubles. We provide competent business advice that gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Our business litigation services include settling cases and resolving issues like:

  1. Breach of Contract– If you think one of your employees or business associates has violated the contract, you can contact us to defend your case in court or settle the dispute without further interference.
  2. Fraud Dispute– Business fraud usually occurs due to misinterpretation or deception. This may include fraudulent inducement, omission, non-disclosure, and other issues that can cause serious damage to your organization. Hence, we are here to settle these issues for you.
  3. Intellectual Property Dispute– Disputes largely occur over intellectual property, copyrights, and unwarranted exchange of documents. This loss of sensitive data can lead to serious problems in the company. We can help you with such disputes and help you protect your business interests better.

Besides these, we also help you with insurance coverage disputes and non-compete issues.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

As a business owner, you may think that turning to your insurance company for help will result in a solution. The truth is that insurance companies deny many claims. Your commercial insurance policy should have business interruption coverage that insures you in the eventuality of losses. Business interruption coverage is a complex area of insurance law, but we can help.

If you have a business interruption insurance policy and your insurance company is refusing, suspending, or underpaying your claim, call us, and we will look at your case.

Windstorm Insurance Claims

If you reside in an area that is regularly affected by windstorms, you should ensure that your property is secured and your insurance policy is in order. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and are often driven to refute claims or pay out as little as they can after a disaster. This may leave business and property owners, (who religiously pay their premiums) without the compensation necessary to recover from a disaster.

If you have been hit by a windstorm and are having trouble getting your insurance claim paid, contact us immediately. Our team of lawyers can help you recover the money you need to rebuild after a disaster.

Our responsibility lies towards our clients and helping them grow their business. We offer business litigation services that assist our clients to run their daily business legitimately free from legal trouble.

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