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Gender and sex discrimination is often experienced by women, gay and lesbian individuals, bisexuals and transgender individuals when they enter the workforce. Despite state and federal laws, which mandate that employers must provide equal access and protections to all their employees, gender discrimination is still evident in workplaces in Texas.

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Types of Gender Discrimination

In Texas, employers follow the at-will employment doctrine, meaning that an employer can discipline or terminate an employee for practically any reason. However, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the Texas Labor Code prohibits an employer from discriminating against an employee due to their gender or sex.

The common ways employers may commit gender discrimination include:

  • One gender getting paid more compared to others, despite being equally qualified to do perform the same tasks
  • Promoting gender-based stereotypes about how a particular gender should act, behave, or dress a certain way
  • Hiring, Bring, promoting, suspending, and reviewing of employees based on their gender

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