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Wrongful Termination


Seeking Legal Recourse for Wronged Employees

When you accept any job in a wide range of industries, there are typically certain rules and terms that you agree to. Texas is an at will employment state, which means that your employment can be terminated at any time for virtually any reason. However, there are some restrictions which exist, such as if you are under contract or if you were wrongfully terminated for a discriminatory reason or your rights were violated. Understanding exactly how wrongful termination works is essential to understanding your rights and legal options, should you want to file a suit.

Standing Up For Your Rights

If you believe that the termination of your employment was not by the books, you may want to consider hiring a Houston employment lawyer to represent you. At the Law Office of Chukwudi Egbuonu, we offer top-notch guidance and representation for clients like you who have been wronged by your employer. There are a few reasons which are protected under federal and state laws for which you can never be fired.

There are many different circumstances which may be grounds for a wrongful termination suit, such as:

  • Being fired for your gender
  • Being fired for your age
  • Being fired for your race
  • Being fired for your religion
  • Being fired for your disability status
  • Being fired for your origin

Offering Compassionate & Reliable Representation

In the state of Texas, any form of discrimination which leads to wrongful termination is taken very seriously in the eyes of the law. Our firm has the necessary experience and knowledge of employment law to assist you in building a case against your employer. We are interested in helping you get the justice you are looking for.

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